The area is full of young professionals who want to live in the city but without chaos. For every 1000 people, you will find that 3.37 have been a victim of theft. Downtown has a permanent resident population of 48,441. Is Elvis Presley Blvd Safe? You must have visited on a good day, there was another shooting at Cars on Sam Cooper, I was stuck in Traffic then I saw Blue Lights and a car with window shot out. Areas like Beale Street are not much safe for the tourists. 332 homicides is the most number of homicides ever recorded in Memphis and shatters the 2016 record of 228 homicides. Therefore, its easy to lose track and unintentionally end up in a risky area thats crime-ridden. However, as is the case in any densely populated area, there are always a few bad apples that aim to ruin the peace. Have u ever watched first 48? You can have stately Southern homes on one block and drive two blocks over to see small shotgun homes (the houses that are basic and long, as if a shotgun blast could go straight through it) and suspicious activity on the streets. That said, then neighborhoods east of the airport and north of downtown can have more crime. Its safer to give loose change from your pocket or avoid giving money to panhandlers entirely. I lived in Harbortown, arguably one of the safest neighborhoods in Memphis and my neighbor was robbed and shot dead. About every other episode is from Memphis tn. The only place I felt slightly unsafe in was up from Graceland along that main road. I moved here less than 1yr ago. If you are thinking about visiting Memphis and have qualms about the safety of the city, we go you covered. As soon as I can get out, I will.I have never seen so much depressing things. One thing about Memphis is the tenacity of its people and the love of Memphis. True story I lived in Memphis and worked a 4th of July event at Shely Farms. It may have apopulation of slightly over 39,400 people, but Parkway Village has an exceptionally high rate of violent crimes. Theres no shortage of dangerous areas that tourists should stay away from in Memphis. Some Fentanyl tablets are now made to look like candy. Homeless people would panhandle in the lines of fast-food restaurants, leaving you stuck in your car while they shout and beg for money. Theres a few places to go out in Cordova but honestly Cordova is not that safe either. Midtown has a population of over 62,700 and a violent crime rate of2,967 per 100,000 people. (2022 Crime Rates And Crime Stats), Is Indianapolis Safe To Visit? Plenty of attractions guarantee a good time for any visitor looking to vacation in Memphis, irrespective of the time of the year. Theft from our hotel room while staying at the Peabody. In order to find the most dangerous tourist attractions on Earth, 24/7 Tempo . | Safety Concerns, The 10 Absolute Best Beaches in California in 2023, The 10 Most Dangerous Countries in Africa in 2023, The 19 Best Places to Visit in Wyoming in 2023. The biggest issue in these areas are theft related. You can find various walking, trolley, and bus tours on the tourism website. The biggest problem you might encounter while visiting downtown are homeless people and aggressive panhandlers, but for the most part they are harmless. You just dont want to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just say "no" and keep walking. Average murder rates are 52.44 out of 100,000, which includes tourists killed. Ive Never Been had any problems or been a Crime Victim!!! My name is Mariska and I'm living my best life while living the van life. 2023 Copyright by Travel Safe - Abroad. On the other hand, vendors will try to convince you to buy stuff from the trunk of their cars at incredible discounts.. The city might look a little gritty in places and dynamic in others. Next day, in broad daylight some guy came out of a back alley on Beale street, with his eye cut open bleeding all over himself. While most places that tourists visit are relatively safe, it is possible to walk into more dangerous areas in a few neighborhoods. Avoid wearing obviously expensive jewelry or calling attention to other expensive items that you might be carrying. According to crime statistics released by the FBI, Memphis ranked 4th for highest violent crime rate in the country in 2019, 2,003.32 incidents per 100,000 residents. The 29-year-old says the situation is complex and a symptom of mass tourism. Crime is everywhere in Shelby County and the peripheral areas. Despite the recent headlines, there isnt a huge problem with random acts of violence against strangers. However, there are a few safe neighborhoods where you can find secure accommodation, but many are super expensive. Dont act like a tourist. Midtown neighborhoods can be hit or miss when it comes to safety concerns, so be sure to stick to main roads when youre driving here. There's also an ongoing risk of an earthquake - and a major quake on the New Madrid Fault line could do major damage in Memphis. Its a number that brings a frown on anyone who may want to explore this area, given how you may not want to end your holiday without properly exploring Memphis. It has the second-highest homicide rate of any U.S. metro area, and the murder rate is only increasing. No, the Chamber of Commerce doesn't like to talk about Kelby Shorty, the 7-year-old boy gunned . ", "North and South Memphis are probably the worst areas of Memphis in terms of crime. This charming city has kept its old charm and style throughout the ages. Is Memphis dangerous right now? Memphis comes with a high risk, which isn't a ranking we give lightly. While the risk from the data looks low, it's smart to consider it a medium risk, especially if you're going to "Walking in Memphis" and enjoying the nightlife in the crowded bars and streets. I have been in & out of Memphis multiple times and have lived here over 20 years. The area W of the Airport between the AP and HIghway 61 is certainly not a place you need to walk around at night. Consider parking your car in secured spaces and avoid leaving valuables in areas in your car where they are easily visible. As someone who lived in Memphis for two years, worked in Midtown, and enjoyed downtowns entertainment district, I will admit I lived in nearby Germantown because the crime rates were lower. Mind your business and avoid getting into altercations with anyone, as things can take a turn for the worst in a snap. To learn more, you can also read our posts on why Anchorage is so dangerous, why St Louis is so dangerous, and why Oakland is so dangerous. ", "As bad as it is, its not THAT bad. By Shelby Harris. But both have their charms. The most dangerous areas in Memphis is based on data from the local . link to Whatever Happened To Alexandra Isles, 'Victoria Winters' From Dark Shadows? Living there, I knew there were just parts of town I wouldn't drive through. Memphis is considered an unsafe travel destination. 1. I lived in Memphis for 35 years before I decided that I had had enough of the crime, the prejudice, the bad housing I only go back to visit my brother and then leave as quickly as I can horribly place to live. Why have 3 major malls have been shut down? We looked at 13 different areas in Memphis to discover the worst places to live. Travellers Worldwide is reader-supported. If you are seeking reliable accommodation, theres a good chance youll get the best rates in Whitehaven. Memphis welcomes close to 10 million visitorsannually. It problematically shares this honor with cities like St. Louis and Baltimore. pay for content, product research, guides, and more). Im now dreading this trip with my Grandson. Flooding can happen with the banks of the Mississippi so close by. Forceful purse snatching, car theft, and larceny make up the highest reported property crime cases. . Dont stop at gas stations with a bunch of people loitering outside. While Memphis saw a record number of homicides in 2020, most other crime metrics including, robbery, assault, burglary and larceny decreased. With more than 24,000 thefts in Memphis in 2021, it's surprising that just 128 of those were pickpockets or purse snatchings. Shreveport, Louisiana can be a dangerous city for locals and tourists alike, though it doesn't have nearly as many violent or property crimes as larger cities on the list. We stayed right outside of Memphis in Arlington, TN. Topping the list of petty crimes is pickpocketing, which often happens in crowded areas on Memphis streets. ", "I think its fair to say that large swaths of the city are filled with rough neighborhoods. Some cruises are just sightseeing for an hour, while others offer several days on the river and take you to different destinations along the way. You can expect mugging to be a problem in most large cities across the nation, and they are, for the most part. If you visit the Wolfchase mall area, be very careful. Not sure thats going to change anytime soon. Eddie Money was the headliner, and his tour van almost slipped into the lake. Midtown Memphis is home to Overton Square, an entertainment district with theaters, bars, and restaurants in a charming setting. CRIME is EVERYWHERE!!!!! A small portion of the homicides in the town is due to gang activity. If anything, the news stations here HYPE up crime all of the time, so I do not understand why you say cover up., I agree Memphis id my home anf i live here Ive been to Nashville Virginia- Las Vegas and Jacksonville- Olive branch , Missippissi wit no problem //But i love Memphis TN . A lot about the crime risk in Memphis is what you are used to at home. The city has seen a slight decline in overall crimes but compared to other cities nearby, Memphis still is very dangerous. Better off being bored than being robbed or dead though. In addition to the above, other safety concerns for visiting Memphis include: Theres cause for concern among tourists traveling to Memphis regarding their safety and well-being due to the rising criminal cases reported daily. But you may have to reconsider visiting this neighborhood if you want to decrease your chances of becoming a crime victim. Car break-ins are not uncommon, and leaving an expensive item like a cell phone or camera on the front seat may inspire a robber to break your window, even if your car is securely locked up. It seems like all the bad stuff happens after 12am and as long as youre not out that late, you will be fine. You are advised to park your car in a safe area with better security and to keep your pricey belongings safely tucked away when in Whitehaven. Its been downhill since the 90s. Unless you know the layout of the city you can easily end up in one these sketchy neighborhoods. You'll notice a lot of police presence downtown (especially around Beale Street) in both the day and night, but travelers should still exercise caution in tourist areas, which are known to have a high concentration of panhandlers. Honestly the only people who feel like Memphis is dangerous is older white people who are afraid of black people, considering that most of the black people in the entire state of TN reside in Shelby County. Some areas of the city you can visit during the day time with no problems, but at night time that changes. We will not be backEVER!! Things seem to have improved today, but in a not-so-distant past, Orange Mound was the most dangerous neighborhood in Memphis. In downtown, the crime rate is 363% above the national average. People dont leave cities they love if they can help it. Other petty crime cases expected in the city include vandalism, robbery, mugging, theft, and breaking into cars. That's based on data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. If youre walking on or around Beale street, youre likely to encounter panhandlers asking for money. Is Memphis Safe For Tourists? Memphis, Tennessee is the most dangerous city in America. Whitehaven has a very black-and-white appearance. About 10.7 million people visited the Memphis area in 2021, by comparison. Stick to the popular/touristy spots. Drugs have always been a problem in Memphis, and it has no signs of decreasing. At least in the 2023 NBA playoffs. Many say that it is the worst city in the nation regarding crimes per person in the town. I'd worry less about being scammed and more about being hustled. The suburbs like Germantown and Collierville are great places to live, very safe and beautiful plus have a high police presence. May 1, 2023. Memphis also has a homeless problem, and I cant tell you how many times I went to grab dinner at a fast food drive-thru to see homeless people begging me for money while I was trapped in the drive-thru line. Never honk, flip the bird, or flash your lights at anyone since I have seen road rage like no other here. This year it was once again named the most dangerous city in the US, with the . Especially in the tourist areas like Beale Street, you'll see street performers or gymnasts doing flips and playing music. I visited Memphis June 2-5 of this year 2019. Women should definitely use caution when out on Beale Street at night. I was warned by locals to not leave the hotel at night. Many big cities are seeing violent crime surge across America. You have to be smart about your surroundings. Is Memphis TN a dangerous city? If you walk, be alert and aware of your surroundings. The largest lessons provided by the Memphis city schools is the lessons of hard knocks. That wasnt the case 20 years ago. NOTE: In late 2022, the Mississippi River reached historic lows due to a drought in the Midwest. Morgan Stephens has been to 43 countries and counting, and he's never content to stay in one place for too long. Certain areas of Memphis are very dangerous. They are feared and best avoided. Athens to Rome: Luxe, 7-Night Mediterranean Memphis Things To Do Attractions & Must See, Tennessee Things To Do Attractions & Must See. You can even pay a little extra to be the Duckmaster for the day. The latter is north of Memphis in Millington. You live in la la land and have been lucky. Its just neighborhoods with mainly drug or gang related crime. This area is known as the Mid-South, and Memphis is called The Bluff City since it sits on the bluffs of the river. If the opinion of the residents is anything to go by, crime reports have much to do with property theft, physical assault, and gang-related activities. It was the biggest mistake! "She climbed up on the ropes in the corner and just sat there for, like, 10 minutes, just hanging out, chilling. There are some staples of Memphis tourism that first-timers will want to see: The Peabody Hotel is a historical landmark that went through a major renovation in 2019. Homeboys driving over 100 mph, weaving thru the freeway traffic, no regard for human life. Right now, he's living in South Korea, but he's always on the lookout for his next adventure. In fact I don't stop in some areas there when I'm driving. Memphis Warnings and Dangers Memphis is a beautiful city with a terrific mix of historical interests and new attractions. One street may look friendly, safe, and kempt, and the next street, barely a stones throw away, will be ridden with criminals, dingy neighborhoods, and sketchy people. That is done by working on why it is so dangerous and addressing one problem at a time. Memphis even when I was a child was a dangerous place. This article is quite misleading. By proceeding, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. I moved here from Germany, which is safer than any area around here. Dont talk on the phone so much you dont notice your surroundings. They have terrible wrecks all the time and you can still see the scars on the retaining walls all through the city and outskirts of the city where vehicles have burned up from high-speed impacts. Memphis has the highest violent and property crime rate in the U.S. You can practically drive around the city in around 30 mins. Tourists are prime targets for their criminal activities. It would even be ranked at the top of the most dangerous cities in the United States. As long as you stay in the tourist areas like Beal Street, Downtown, Fed Ex Forum, and Graceland, you will be fine. Most unsafe neighborhoods in Memphis are on the citys outskirts. The last count showed over 102 gangs in the city, with over 13 thousand members. A woman out for a morning jog near the University of Memphis was pulled into a car, sexually assaulted, and killed. Now to Tennessee we go, and we visit Memphis, the most dangerous city in America. most dangerous cities in the United States, Chamber of Commerce President gets murdered, "Downtown is pretty safe. A good portion of the town is safe, but some parts have a heavy gang presence. Ive lived in Bartlett for 13 years and its been VERY safe. Tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes are not surprising to local residents. It may be one of the most dangerous places to be, but if you stay alert, keep your eyes ahead, and stay out of other peoples business, you should be fine. Memphis, Tennessee August 19, 2018: Police car of Memphis park on the road among the building in downtown, USA/Mont592/Shutterstock. Most panhandlers are harmless, but there are thieves that will snatch your wallet if you bring it out. This combination leads to a lot of homeless people and a lot of beggars in the street. As a result, if you are a visitor, avoid walking alone in Downtown Memphis at night. Memphis has long been one of the most dangerous cities in America, and in 2021 it had violent crime rates more than six times the national average. Memphis is divided into many blocks. This makes criminals more apt to do what they do because they have no fear of consequences. And Alyssa Nakken was ready to rumble. Memphiss ranked 1st with a violent crime rate of 2,418.24.. This is Elvis hometown and the home where he lived, Graceland, is one of the most visited places in the South. If you're not crazy about any of these things,. Leading to vicious life cycles. You can focus on African American history, musical legends, or even a foodie or brew tour. very safe area. YES!!! getty 15 Safest Large Cities in the US. They had 80 freeway shootings on I-240 last year which loops around the city. This often leaves criminals on the streets, supervised by people who have no time to do so. I guess the cops are busy responding to all the other crime. The global average is around 6 per 100,000. We were told by locals and hotel workers not to walk around alone at night and keep valuables in room! Crime happens everywhere in Memphis. Apr 23, 2023. I was born there and raised there till I was 13 and moved to SC its crazy in Memphis but I miss my home town, Yall are crazy Memphis is always ranked 3 are higher in America but it is a big city so of course they drag it to say its not dangerous for money and house owners to real people in to come here yall crazy if yall believe thats true the crime rate its crazy and its not changing. We did have one of the hotel workers escort us across the street just to go to the convenience store and I guess thats when it set in that we cant be out at night. ", "Many residents will downplay the crime in Memphis, but I think everyone should be told up front that Memphis is not a joke and not somewhere you can come and be flippant in regards to your safety. There are a lot of drunk people letting loose and crowded bars where it's not always easy to cover your drink. TRANSPORT & TAXIS RISK : LOW Memphis has a public transportation system called MATA. Midtown has made headlines for murders, violent crimes, and among other issues, theft. Memphis used to be cool. I know this because they talk about it. ", "Keep in mind is Memphis is like 12 miles x 12 miles. In 2020, that number rose by nearly 100 to 327 homicides. So even if you have 4-5 safer suburbs, you have twice as many bad pockets right next to them. Most tourist attractions and landmarks enjoy enhanced security than other areas in the city. The poverty rate here was nearly 25% in 2020. Everybody and their brother is trying to rip everyone off, and thats putting it extremely positively given the reality of it. Also, watch out for taxi drivers or vendors who will overcharge to get more out of you unscrupulously. As a tourist, you must furnish yourself with enough information and master your surroundings to mitigate any challenges likely to crop up. The rankings are calculated based on the number of violent crimes per 100,000 people for each neighborhood, compared to the Memphis violent crime average. (2022 Crime Rate And Crime Stats), Is Detroit Safe To Visit? Trying to commute to work is a nightmare. I wont go to Memphis without a legal gun. Violent crimes include murder, rape, robbery and assault. Stay in the light, and never wander into the wrong neighborhoods. By Max A. Cherney. If we link to any product, you should assume that we'll receive a commission when you buy it, at no extra cost to you. Note that fewer people mean enhanced safety for you. One spot may be manicured and well-maintained, and a section next to it will be grim and deserted. Its important to stay in places designated for tourists and keep a low profile while being confident in your movements. When you park your car make sure NOTHING can be seen inside the windows. And to the person who says the area around Graceland is safe to visit you are urging visitors to put their safety in danger. By approaching your visit to Memphis with some commonsense precautions, youll avoid trouble and be able to spend your time enjoying your visit to the city. It is also a city you shouldn't avoid because of that - you just need to know the information you're researching now. We have beautiful buildings and houses that are 100+ years old. Unfortunately, however, some daring tourists lose their lives in tragic accidents at popular tourist attractions. This area has a significantly higher property crime rate as poor peoplewill rob people, break into cars, and homes to steal things that they can sell for a quick buck. We hand-pick everything we recommend and select items through testing and reviews. National Civil Rights Museum: An expansive museum built around the location where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Although you will have a higher chance of being a victim if you are in Orange Mound or Frayser. All Rights Reserved. Spend most of my time outside of Memphis in Baltimore as I have family there. The safety of our visitors is our highest priority and the team at Memphis Tourism encourages all travelers to follow guidance issued by public health officials. If you're into country music, Nashville is the obvious choice. I do not like the Real Estate Economy thereI Sold my properties and Re-invested in Cities of Real Estate Growth!! this is the suburb of choice for Memphians. It is also a city you shouldn't avoid because of that - you just need to know the information you're researching now. Travel Smarter! We made a visit in 2008 and again in 2022the decline of the city and safety is astounding!! Common areas to find this type of activity is around banks, airports, and ATM locations. As of this publication, the water levels were not impacting cruises along the Memphis stretch of the river, but check with the tourism bureau or vendor of choice before making plans. Dont flash your cash or hold your wallet or purse where it could be easily snatched by someone passing by. angel mccoughtry spouse, death in oceanside, ca today, walter and wallace scott height,

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