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we HELP CUMBERLAND COUNTY's uninsured residents

In 2009, a group of community stakeholders began meeting to address the needs of the uninsured residents of Cumberland County. They formed what is now known as Cumberland HealthNET (CHN), a collaborative network of community organizations with a primary focus of improving the health outcomes for the uninsured by linking them with a medical home and other needed health and community services.

CHN collaborates with more than 200 county and community organizations, to provide improved access to care for the uninsured, improve the coordination of services, provide needs assessments, identity overlaps and gaps in the services provided, provide community education and resources, advocate on behalf of the uninsured, and leverage and develop outside financial resources to support our work in Cumberland County.

The mission of Cumberland HealthNET is to create a coordinated system of care for the uninsured residents of Cumberland and surrounding counties, resulting in healthier residents with a better quality of life.

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We have several programs which we work with to help you get your medication. One of our team members will walk you through this process.
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